Welcome to the website for the Loveden area of Lincolnshire, including items of common interest and local history.

The old version of this website is available here.

The site includes our research on the local memorials.  The names we have researched are listed on the associated Village page. 

There’s also a complete list of surnames on the Families page.   There’s background information about the battles and regiments in the Military section.

Brandon Broadband

Sep 18 Update – Brandon is getting fibre-to-the-property (FTTP) broadband soon, which should be really fast.  The fibre cables to the poles were done earlier this year. BT Openreach then had to fix some faults and had other problems to sort out. The last we heard (late Sep) the work was complete and we’re just waiting for enough engineers to be available to connect up each house.  Watch this space (and Nextdoor and the noticeboard) for further updates.

Brandon Speed Limit

The main road through Brandon is due to get a 40 mph speed limit later this year.  We’re expecting more details of when the signs will be installed soon (last update Oct 2018).